Our current release has added the following features for our merchants.

Carbon copy invoice emails

This is a nifty little feature requested by some of our merchants. It allows you to add multiple emails to receive copy of the invoice email. This is useful at multiple levels; you can get a copy of the invoice in your mailbox and if your client were to Reply All then everyone marked on the invoice would receive the client’s response. This is also useful if multiple people within your client’s organization need to intimated for a particular invoice.

Want to give it a test run?

Access an already created template and scroll down to find the “Add CC Emails” section. Click add new row to add email ids. This feature can also be utilized while sending out individual invoices.

Copy invoice links

Now you can copy the link of an already created invoice or event and send it to your customers. For this, we have introduced an ellipse button in the listing views in Requests, Transactions and Event. This button has consolidated options like “Update invoice”, “View invoice” etc. along with a Copy customer link option. Apart from saving valuable screen space, it helps you send invoice link to your customers with ease. Below screenshot shows how you can access this feature


Along with this UI improvements & minor bug fixes make up the rest of this release.