Consumer communication system

At Swipez, we strive to ensure that your customer communications are accurate and relevant. To meet this objective, we have created an unsubscription system which allows a consumer to modify their communication preferences. Your consumers can unsubscribe and choose from one of the following reasons:

  • This Bill has already been settled
  • Paid using offline modes
  • Don’t remind me this month
  • No longer my service provider
  • I do not recognize this service provider

The last two reasons if chosen by your consumer will lead you to rectify your consumer data.

Also, we allow the consumers to opt out of SMS alerts by verifying their mobile number by sending them an OTP.

Display payment details on invoice

Invoices which have been paid by your consumer will now feature a section at the bottom which displays the payment details. The final section of your paid / settled invoices will include the below grid. This can be accessed from Reports -> Invoice details report.

payment details of paid invoices

Duplicate customer check

Some of our merchants requested us to add a duplicate check on email id and mobile during customer creation. This now prevents the same customer being added again helping to keep your database accurate.

Duplicate customer data warning

Customer listing page improvements

We have heard from some merchants that the customer list is taking longer to load. We have improved the performance of this page and reduced the time it takes to load this page by 50%.