Ledger balance report

Many of our merchants have asked us to include a ledger balance report in Swipez and we have delivered. This provides a facility to create a ledger by date across customers or display a ledger for a single customer. This report too comes with an excel export function. So you can easily take your ledger and provide it to your accountant. This report, we believe would be a good starting point to create a full fledged accounts reporting system and we are eager to hear feedback from you on how to improve this further. You can check the ledger balance report under the Reports menu.

Do send us your thoughts on improving this report on [email protected]

PayTM integration

We now have expanded our payments offering by integrating PayTM as a mode of payment. This will allow your consumers to pay your invoices using their PayTM wallets. Now within one single Swipez dashboard, you can see payments coming from Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking or PayTM and even offline modes like Cheque, Cash or NEFT. In order to activate PayTM payments in your account, please drop us a line to [email protected] and we can activate PayTM for you within an hour 🙂

Settlement notifications

Our notification system has been extended to include notifications via E-Mail and SMS of settlement made to your bank account. This gives you quick overview of the money deposited into your bank account and the UTR reference number for the transaction, which you can lookup in your bank statement.

Dashboard enhancement

The Swipez dashboard gives the status of your collections at a glance. We have enhanced the dashboard to include key metrics like total number of customers, transactions in the current month, settlements this month and SMS sent via Swipez.