A key part of managing an online event is keeping track of event transactions. Event bookings can be made via online payment methods like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking or PayTM. Moreover, using Swipez you can also keep a track of event transactions from offline avenues like walk-in bookings, bookings made via cash, cheque or direct NEFT transfers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to mange your event bookings and transactions within Swipez.

Manage event transactions

To manage tickets sold online, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to Events menu option and click on Event transactions.

2. You can search and filter your tickets sold by using the Search option. You could search for tickets sold within a particular date range or by your event title and transaction status.

3. In the transaction listing page click the button in the Actions column. From the drop down that appears you can view more details of each of your transactions.

4. View your event by choosing the View Event option.

5. View the copy of the receipt sent to your customer using the View Receipt option.

6. In case your customer has not received the receipt information on their email resend the receipt using the Send Receipt option.

7. If you would like to avail a booking i.e. track that your customer has come for your event you can do using the Avail option. Once you have availed a transaction you can free it up again by choosing the Undo option.

8. If there are some special consideration that needs to noted against a transaction, you can do so by choosing the Comments option.

Manage offline event transactions

Event tickets are also sold online as well as offline via avenues like cash, cheque or NEFT transfers. Using Swipez, you can track both online and offline ticket bookings in one central dashboard. To manage and track your offline ticket bookings, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to Events menu option and click on List events.

2. Open the event against which you want to log an offline booking, by clicking on the Actions button and View event option.

3. Select the number of seats or tickets that are being booked against the relevant package and click Book now.

4. In the resulting screen enter your customer information. You can do this by adding a new customer or if your customer has already been added before then choose the customer name from the drop down.

5. Enter the attendee information if you require this information on the day of the event or for future targeting. This is an option entry and is not required to complete the booking.

6. Enter transaction details by selecting the transaction type and fill in the other transaction details.

7. Once you save this booking information. Your customer will receive ticket information with a QR code on their email id.

Next steps

You’ve now learned how to track your online event bookings and manage your offline event bookings using Swipez. To figure how to use the QR reader to manage your box office entries on the day of your event, check the following link.

Manage your event box office via your QR Reader