Event management system is meant to help event organizers with creating and managing events. As part of managing a event you would need to update you event, manage your attendee list and monitor your bookings.

In this article, you’ll learn how to mange an online event created within Swipez, and how to change your event on the fly.

Before your start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • How to create an event online – link
  • Any updates you make to an event will be show immediately to your users on your event link

Manage your events

To manage your events online, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to List events within Events menu.

2. You can view your active events from the Event listing page. In case you would like to view your older and inactive events you could do so by changing the search criteria.

3. In the event listing page click the button in the Actions column. From the drop down that appears you can manage all aspects of your online event.

4. View your event by choosing the View event option.

5. Update your event details by choosing the Update event option. If you need help in recollecting the functionality of any of the fields you can refer the Create an online event help page.

6. If your bookings have started rolling in, and you would like to view the list of attendees choose the Attendees list option. Here you would be able to view every attendee of your event. You would able to view their email id, mobile number and age. This information is displayed if the payee of your event has entered this information while making the booking. You could filter your attendees by date of booking and the packages within your event. You could also export this information to an excel sheet and use this collated information for your future events.

7. Package summary option provides you a summarized view of how many bookings you have received across all of your packages.

8. Deactivate to disable the event for bookings. While the event link can still be accessed by your customers, it will not allow any bookings.

9. Copy Event Link option is an easy way to retrieve your events link. This is a shortened link making it easy to you to share via WhatsApp or to post on social networks like Facebook.

Next steps

You’ve now learned how to manage your event online. To figure out how many bookings have been made and to manage your box office on the day of your event, check the following links.

Monitor event bookings

Manage your event box office via your QR Reader