Feedback given by our merchants is the cornerstone of our product’s evolution. This release too consists of feature requests from our merchant like Pune Eat OutsSheng Li Telecom, Gazon communications & Shah solutions. Performance improvements, bug fixes & system security enhancements make up the rest of this release. Here is what this release consists of:

Mass printing of invoices

Many of our merchant still need to provide paper based bills to their customers. While there is a save as PDF and print option in our invoices, it was difficult to print a set of invoices in one go. With this enhancement merchants can now print a set of invoices directly from the invoicing system. Invoices once bulk uploaded can now be downloaded in bulk as a single PDF. Where each page is one invoice and a simple print command results in hundreds of invoices printed in a matter of seconds. As you can imagine this will save time and effort and help you focus on other important tasks.

Want to give it a test run?

If you already have invoices created in the system, simply navigate to Reports then Invoice details. Select the search criteria of your choice and hit the red PDF button. Your invoices are ready for mass printing.

Auto generate current month / date in subscriptions

Automating subscriptions based invoices is huge efficiency gain for any business. Finance teams love this option as they create a recurring invoice once in the system and the system automatically sends it out at a set frequency. These frequencies could be set monthly, quarterly or even day wise. But, herein comes the twist recurring invoices sometimes have values which define the current period. So subsequent invoices show the old billing period. With this change the current period is now dynamically assigned by the Swipez invoicing system for subscriptions.

To try this feature out create a template and associate one of your template fields with the function “Dynamic billing period”. While creating an invoice the following section appears where you can set your billing period start date and define the frequency at which the billing period changes.

Subscription based invoices with dynamic billing period

Set dynamic billing period in recurring invoices


Event attendees report

Managing event bookings is one of the lesser known features of Swipez. It has been around for awhile and is being used by multiple merchants who have manage seat bookings and online payments via Swipez. While creating events was easy our event management merchants requested a more complete report which helps them to figure out their list of attendees per event. This report now shows every attendees detail even if it was booked as a group booking. To check out this feature navigate to Schedule events and Manage events option. Click on the last icon in the Action column to view event attendees.

List of event attendees

List of event attendees