First up the Swipez team would like to wish all our merchants and their customers a very happy new year.

Other than adding awesome and useful features for our merchants, this year our team will also publish release contents on our blog. We would like to make this one of our new year resolutions. True to our tradition of building the Swipez product based on feature & enhancements requests from our merchants. This release too consists of features requested by Sheng Li Telecom, Gazon communications, Sachin enterprises, Lotus broadband & Kosmic broadband. This years first release has feature updates which enhance our invoicing, reporting, couponing and B2B payments functionality. Here is what this release consists of:

Enable deductibles (eg: TDS) for B2B payments

Swipez lets you enable adding deductibles like TDS in the invoice sent to your customer for a B2B payment. To use this feature, click on ‘enable’ button in the Enable Deductibles field. Next, while sending the customer invoice, go to ‘Add Deductibles’ section and enter the deductible (eg:TDS), percentage applicable under ‘Deduct in %’ column and the amount on which the deductible is applicable. Additional deductibles can be added by clicking on the ‘Add new bow’ button in the section. While the customer is making the payment, all he/she needs to do is to select the applicable deductible from the dropdown menu. The system would automatically calculate and deduce the amount from the total amount to be paid.

Auto-generate relevant invoice number for your bills

Swipez lets you customize the invoice number format and auto-generate the invoice number for your bills raised through the system. To set the invoice number format, click on ‘Settings’ tab under ‘Data configuration’ section in the dashboard. Click on ‘Add new’ button in the ‘Auto generate invoice number’ section. Enter prefix (for eg: short form of your company name) if required in the ‘Prefix’ column. As an enhancement, we have now kept the ‘Prefix’ column as optional. Next, add a numeral in the ‘Current number’ column from which the system would start numbering your invoices.

Reward your customers with discount coupons under packages

Now create discount coupons on the Swipez dashboard and provide the coupon code to your selected customer base. To redeem the coupon, the customer could now go to ‘Packages’ section in the company profile and select the plan from the list of packages. The customer would then be re-directed to the payment page where the coupon code needs to be entered in the ‘Coupon code’ field. The system would automatically deduct the discount from the final amount and display the final amount for payment. To know more about how to create coupons, click here.

Send invoices using your own mail id

Some of our merchants use Swipez for corporate billing, in this case it is important to communicate with your customers with an email id which belongs to their organization. And thus we have incorporated a feature which allows a merchant to send invoices using their own email id. Invoices sent now can have the from address set as per a merchants perference viz. [email protected]

Enhanced reports for your accounts teams

1. With Swipez reporting, you get a complete breakup of the payment settlement for the amount paid by your customer under ‘Settlement details’ in the ‘Reports’ section. Earlier, only payment and transaction ID of the customer was displayed along with the other settlement information. Now we have also added an additional column for ‘Customer name’ in the report. This will help you to track the settlement for a particular customer with the customer name.

2. Under ‘Invoice details’ in the ‘Reports’ tab, you could now filter customer invoices by choosing the custom fields under ‘Column name’ in the search bar option. Earlier, the fields were limited to email, mobile number, merchant email and merchant address. Now the merchant can also click on the invoice number displayed under the column and view the particular invoice sent to the customer via Swipez.

3. Now you could view the information of the user/sub-merchant who has raised a customer invoice on the Swipez dashboard. To view this information, go to ‘Invoice details’ section under ‘Reports’ tab. You can track the name of the sub-merchant in the ‘Created by’ column against each invoice.