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Chiranjeev Gurukul Foundation Module - Batch 7

Presented by Malaka Spice

30 April


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There are Leadership Programs and interventions aplenty but consider the fact that they are always designed with thoughts and ideas which change every few years, as market trends change.

Indian Wisdom refers to the distillation of all the knowledge conceived, preserved and taught for over ten thousand years of the Indian civilization – which have illumined minds, energized bodies and transformed human beings to live their highest potential.

Key Benefits

1.       The students of this Course will be equipped, from principles to practice, to Lead, in their chosen field of endeavor

2.      The students of this course will have all the time tested tools from two of the world’s oldest disciplines, to create all-round prosperity

3.       The comprehensiveness of this Curriculum will train these minds to think in superior ways, providing an edge for sustained success

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