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Walk Nagaland S04E01 - Khonoma

Presented by North Eastern Travel Trails Pvt. Ltd.

09 June

Red Cross Building, Kohima Town

Walk Nagaland Khonoma30.00

This package entitles you to join the walk from Kohima to Khonoma. The amount charged is the entry fee to Khonoma village.

Walk Nagaland Khonoma + Dinner400.00

This package entitles you to join the walk from Kohima to Khonoma, followed by dinner and a short village cultural show

Terms & Conditions

1. You must book your participation online

2. Dinner and the cultural show is optional and on charge basis

Cancellation Policy

1. 7 days and before - 10% refund

2. More than 7 days before - 80% refund

Grand Total0.00


Welcome to Walk Nagaland, S04 E01.  Our first walk for 2018.

We start with a 20 km walk to Khonoma village - from Red Cross Building Kohima.  If you cant complete the walk, one of our vehicles will pick you up to cover the remainder.  

Once we reach Khonoma, you can spend an hour relaxing by walking around the village.  

We have organised a short cultural show at a Morung for you to enjoy.

Dinner is available on pre-order.

A vehicle will drop you back to the Red Cross Building in the evening. 

As is always the case, we dont charge for the walk, but you can pay your entry fee to Khonoma village and for your dinner separately.  

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