Advantages of Vue.js

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First introduced in 2014, by Evan You , Vue.js is JavaScript-based framework used to develop mobile and web applications.

Here are some of the advantages of Vue.js, that make it a fan-favorite amongst developers.

Light & compact

When it comes to JavaScript frameworks, size does matter! At just 10 KB, Vue.js is one of the smallest & lightest JavaScript frameworks available. But, don’t let the modest file size fool you. The compact nature of Vue.js ensures both speed and performance. Easily downloaded & installed, it more frequently than not outperforms other heavy frameworks. In fact, Vue.js owes much of its popularity amongst developers to its lightweight and ease of installation.

Simple & efficient

Developers who are adept at JavaScript find Vue.js extremely easy to grasp and incorporate, owing to the framework’s JavaScript foundation. Code is created more efficiently with fewer lines saving both time and effort. Vue is also quite adept at identifying and handling errors, saving the programmer time spent actively looking for them. All of the Vue.js code, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are stored on a single page application (SPA) ensuring both optimal security and ease of access.


Young developers can quickly grasp Vue.js thanks to the extensive documentation that is easily accessible on the official website. Comprehensive and well written, the documentation is easy to read and implement. Novice developers can treat it as an open-source tutorial to the fundamentals of coding and JavaScript frameworks.

Hassle-free integration

Vue.js is very easy to integrate, regardless of whether you are using Laravel or another programming language. Developers can start with Vue and combine it with a wide variety of available frameworks and apps that are currently in existence. 

The official Vue website has a complete list of the different apps and frameworks that it can be integrated with. 

Vue has the added advantage of SPAs (Single Page Applications), which, unlike any other framework, can be used to create a whole new application or, when integrated, add functionality to already existing apps.


The most salient feature and advantage of Vue.js is its flexibility of use. Developers can create HTML or JavaScript templates with the aid of virtual mode. Vue.js also affords developers the ability to write to any file directly from the web browser. Giving it an edge both in functionality and popularity over other JavaScript-based frameworks like Angular and React.

Vue.js is a fantastic tool for both mobile & web development and can be used to create front-end apps that are scalable and highly effective.

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