A customers experience of your event starts right from the booking phase. Using Swipez’s event management system you are able to create great looking event landing pages within minutes. This takes care of the event creation and booking phase of your event. On the day of your event, you would like your box office to entry to be fast and efficient. This is especially relevant for events with 50 seats and more.

In this article, you’ll learn how to mange your box office using the QR code reader with Swipez.

QR code scanner for events

To manage your attendees on the day of the event, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to Events menu option and click on Scan QR code.

2. Scanner works on Android phones & tablets, Windows phones and PC based platforms. iPhone support is under development and will be made available by December 2018. Using your device you can scan the QR code from the customers phone or from a hard copy.

3. From your device you can switch to your front or back cameras and scan the QR code by positioning it within the camera frame. Alternatively, you could also enter the transaction id present on the receipt by manually entering it.

4. Successfully scanned tickets will show the list of event attendees. For availing the booking in parts, you can avail the ones who are present at the box office during entry. You could rescan the same QR to make changes to the tickets you have availed.

Next steps

You’ve now learned how to use the QR code scanner to manage your event box office using Swipez.