6 effective tips to successfully manage billing for multiple clients

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Invoicing has always been an integral part of every business. Consequently, it is imperative for every business, whether small or big, to manage their business receivables efficiently. The invoicing process can be monotonous as it entails dealing with the records of numerous clients, their transactions, prior records, credit details and much more. Managing your business invoices in an easy and systematic manner is an essential and necessary step for every business. 

Managing billing efficiently for a growing customer base

Using digital payment systems

Every business in today’s era should be offering online invoicing and payment collection via various invoicing software. With the help of such software, invoices can be sent through mail and you can easily accept a variety of online payments with the different payment gateways available with your software. It will ultimately save more of your time and money and will assist you to easily manage your billing processes with your numerous customers. Tax filing headaches are also reduced as all your transaction data is stored on a single platform. 

Minimize errors

Invoicing errors are more common than you think and such errors in your invoices create confusions and cause your clients to mistrust you. Generating invoices from information such as tracking billable time, costs and quotes need to be followed correctly for an efficient billing process. Human error could also be drastically minimized with the help of a software. 

Benefit from the cloud
benefit of using the cloud for billing

It is beneficial for any company to have real time updates and accessibility of their data at any given time. Switching over to an online cloud based solution rather than relying on paper or Excel base systems to bill clients is the correct option. Using a cloud based system not only helps you track and send out invoices in an efficient manner by speeding up the billing process. It also gives you a real time overview of your finances, keeps your data secure and organised. 

Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices are very useful when you have clients on retainers or an annual maintenance contract. You can use this function and have automatically generated invoices at predefined intervals if working with long term clients. All your clients can expect the same payment schedule at the decided billing interval. Payment will also be on time and faster with the help of such a function as you do not need to manually keep track and generate invoices constantly.

Switch to a software
benefits of switching to software for billing

A spreadsheet might work as an efficient monitoring system, but companies that deal with billable hours on Excel spreadsheets are probable to make more errors and end up sending erroneous invoices to their clients. Switching to a billing software will not only ease the process but also reduce mistakes that could cost your company income. Before you choose a billing software, take into consideration key features that you require for your business and make your choice accordingly. There are a range of software available with various features at multiple price points, make sure you choose one that is in line with your billing requirements. Most software also offer free trials where you can try and check its suitability before you buy.

Bulk Invoicing

When you are managing billing for multiple clients , you need to find the most efficient way to do so. Generating invoices one at a time is not only time consuming but tedious and prone to errors. Choose a software that has a simple interface which allows you to bill multiple clients in one go.There are many software available that allow you to bulk upload your multiple invoices, some of them use easy Excel sheet uploads to generate invoices in large numbers.  

Change the way you invoice your customers and improve your business finances

Invoices have traditionally been recorded on paper, habitually with multiple copies generated so that the buyer and seller each have a record of the transaction for their own records. Currently, computer-generated invoices have reformed the scenario. Invoices can be printed on demand or sent by email to the parties of a transaction. Electronic records also allow easier searching and sorting of particular transactions using specific date ranges. Invoicing software have numerous benefits when compared to traditional accounting and billing methods. Such as minimized late payments through automated delivery, payment reminders, easy payment tracking which gives your business the ability to assess cash flow and track any missing payments, cultivate a professional company image, customizing invoices to their specifications and utilization of automated billing for recurring payments for as many as clients your business has.

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The key is to find a suitable solution that allows your business to scale with the least resistance. The more your business grows and the more customers you acquire your billing becomes even more important, follow these simple tips and manage your business more efficiently.

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