Neha Sen

Neha Sen (11)

Born and brought up in Assam, Neha spent her childhood sharing cups of tea and a fondness for Ruskin Bond with her grandmother. Voted least likely to "dance at a party", the day begins with a cup of tea and ends, well...with a book.

Union Budget 2022 Highlights for MSMEs

The Union Budget for FY22-23, the sixth parliamentary session since the COVID-19 outbreak in January 2020, brought with it a drive towards adoption of technology and digitization of the economy, along with a host of infrastructure projects. The government's accounting of "This is the nation's…

Best billing and invoicing software for young entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur looking for invoicing software that is both user-friendly and free? As an entrepreneur in your initial stages of growth, you can choose to use an out-of-the-box software without any major adaptations. But, as you expand and scale your operations, you need…