Neha Sen

Neha Sen (3)

Born and brought up in Assam, Neha spent her weekends growing up sipping tea and reading Ruskin Bond with her grandmother. Voted least likely to "dance at a party", the day begins with a cup of tea and ends, well...with a book

Atlas Facility Management Solutions: Facility managers to help you grow

What began as a group of friends acting as facility managers for startups is now the beating heart of the bustling IT center of West Bengal. Bringing together and organizing people, technology to help organizations work more efficiently. Whether it is coordinating with security service…

Vendor management with billing software

With success comes responsibilities. Whether it is ensuring that existing vendors are paid accurately and on time, or onboarding new vendors. Or, effectively managing simple logistics like curating vendor data and purchase orders, initiating refunds, and organizing vendor collaboration. "Simple", perhaps isn't the right word,…