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At Swipez, simplifying the way you do business excites us. We realise that customers today expect a very high service quality from their service providers. They expect you to listen to their needs and make continuous improvement to your offerings. Our motivation is to provide you with all the tools you need to retain and up sell to your existing customers. Today, hundreds of service providers use Swipez to manage every aspect of their business — from website development to bill presentment, from customer data management to payment collections from reconciliation of cross channel payments. Swipez integrates your customer data, accounting data and collection data under one roof so that you can maximise customer value more than ever before.

Stay ahead of the curve with effective business operations management solutions

Swipez provides businesses a convenient and timely revenue collection mechanism by automating their business operations, simplifying the way they work, and helping them focus on their competencies.

We support a growing client base ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to divisions of large enterprise organizations, using their existing resources efficiently and helping them to exceed their revenue goals. We streamline business operations for numerous organisations with our breadth of service offerings such as invoicing, bulk payouts, payment collections, customer data management, GST filing, and more.

We believe that investing in people is the best way to foster a productive, results-oriented work environment. That is why across our offices in Pune and Mumbai, our hands-on engineering team is passionate about evolving our products continuously. We keep it informal but take our work seriously. Together, we are on a journey to solve business challenges for today and tomorrow.

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