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Hosting events for your establishment is a complex and time consuming affair that requires meticulous planning. Right from setting up an online events page, setting up different packages as per your offering to getting registrations from attendees, the list just keeps on going. Collecting payments online in advance helps in minimizing the impact of no-shows in the preparation leading up to your event. On the day of your event, along with execution, you also have to provide access to your customers as per their packages which can become cumbersome, making you and your team look unprepared. Setting up an all encompassing solution for all these processes is key to running an event smoothly.

Using our events platform, you can simplify the process of event registrations and booking, saving yourself a lot of time and effort. You can create beautiful online booking-ready event landing pages with a few clicks of the mouse, all in your control. Collect payments in advance online via modes like UPI, wallets, credit, debit cards or net banking with the lowest transaction rates in the industry. With no revenue share on tickets sold, you earn more from your own event. After booking, your customers will receive their QR enabled tickets through email which can be scanned on the day of the event, creating a systematic entry system. Once you've held a successful event, all customer data is stored in your Swipez login. You can use this customer database for future events and promote your events using our SMS promotions feature. All this and more to help you lay the foundation for the next level of client experience.

Key advantages companies using our event solutions have experienced:

  • Earned 18-20% more revenue compared to selling the same tickets on other event booking platforms
  • Saved over 40+ man hours per event by organizing their event bookings online
  • Collected 100% more customer data for future events in comparison to other event booking platforms


Well-organised bookings

Set up seats and packages easily. People are intimated upon booking and cancellation of seats.

Swift and easy payments

Collect advance payments. Power payments at the venue. Sync with offline bookings as well.

No revenue share for tickets sold

Lowest in industry online transaction rates help you earn more revenue. No share taken for every ticket sold.

QR code ready tickets

Customers receive QR code post booking. Use our QR code reader to manage box entries smoothly.

Easy event promotion

Publish your event page in minutes. Publish event policies & T&C. Share the page on your social media accounts.

Create your customer database

Collect customer data from your events. Use collected customer data to target for future events with ease.

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