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As per the TRAI circular digitization of subscriber records and their channel / package preferences is now mandatory. MSO and LSO companies now need to move towards digitizing their data. Their customers too expect high quality services in line with the current competition. Customers now expect to change their channels and packages online via their phones or laptops. On-time payment collections is critical so that funds can be utilised for providing better network and technology to your customers. Setting up a hassle-free, robust and efficient subscriber management and billing is of vital importance to your business operations.

Digitize your business operations using our billing solution. Provide logins to all your customers to view and edit their channel / package data. Apply changes made by your customers directly to your CAS via APIs. Bills will be automatically generated to reflect the changes made by your customer. Your customer receives accurate bills as per their consumption. Reducing delays caused by incorrect billing. Get paid faster for your services, avoid delay caused by door to door collections and loss of revenue due to cash collection and cheque bounces. Setup pricing for all your packages and ala cart channels with ease. Configure your bill format and billing cycle as per your companies requirement. Provide collections app to your door to door collection team, app comes with an offline mode to work within housing societies. Reconcile all your incoming payments online or offline and maintain a single ledger of collections at all times. Get perfect customer data after a round of billing with our automated customer database clean-up tools. Prepare the foundation for the next level of client experience.

Key advantages companies using our billing solution have seen :

  • Over 40% of users switched to more convenient online payments in the first billing cycle
  • Cash collection reduced by 30%
  • Average days outstanding down by 50% - from 20 to 11 days
  • Late payments reduced by 18%
  • Customer queries and calls down by 22%


Digitize your records

Easily setup pricing for all your packages and channels. Import your existing customer data and their billing records. Setup login & access for your team.

Channel and package preferences

Provide logins to your customers to view & pay their bills. Allow your customer to change their channel and package preferences.

Automatic billing

Monthly bills raised automatically at a set date. Improve your payment collection cycles by removing manual intervention. Get paid faster.

On time billing

Fast and error free invoicing with online payment collections. GST compliant invoices with customized invoice templates as per your company needs.

Automated reminders

Payment reminders sent to customers automatically on Email and SMS with payment links. Customizable reminder schedule.

Bulk invoicing

Raise invoices in bulk to a large customer base via excel upload or APIs. Easy upload formats provided out of the box.

Recurring billing

Setup subscription billing and your customers will receive your bills automatically at a set frequency every month.  

Auto debit payments

Set up recurring deductions via wallets. Eliminate OTP input for subscription payment collections resulting in faster collections.

Collect payments online

Provide multiple payment modes to your customers like UPI, Wallets, Credit, Debit Card, Net Banking. Send and present online receipts to customers upon payments.

Customer retention

Send custom coupons to customers. Notify customers of new services via SMS. Provide your customers coupons & offers from the online largest brands.

GST filing for billing data

File your monthly GST directly from your console. Automated reconciliation and preparation of GST R1 & 3B from your collections data.

Customer database

Built-in customer database to manage all your customer data accurately. Ability to group customers and notify them of your services.

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