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Your customer is bombarded with multiple communications from different brands on a daily basis. Keeping your customer communications clean and crisp is a necessity in today's times. While communicating with your customers on SMS and WhatsApp, your message content should be at the forefront. A key aspect to get your customers to focus on your message is to keep your web link as short as possible. Adding your own brand's url also helps to add to the perception you create with your customer. Gaining insights into whether your customers are interacting with the links sent on your communications is key to improve conversions. All this makes it imperative to adopt a capable URL shortener for your enterprise.

The Swipez URL shortener solution is built for enterprises of all sizes. With our URL shortener, you can shorten URLs in bulk via even simple excel uploads or APIs. With little or no change to your existing customer communication systems, you can start sending shortened URLs to your customers. Retaining your brands identity with your short links is simple with the Swipez URL shortener. All your short links can be sent with a custom domain as per your preference. With our built-in analytics tool, you can gain awareness into how your customers are interacting with your links. You can analyse your click-through rates, device type, geography and more. It is built to help you gain actionable insights into your customer communications. Create a short link to your customer by unleashing the power of your links.

Key advantages companies using our URL shortener have seen :

  • Click throughs for short URLs sent in messages increased by over 45%
  • Characters taken up by links reduced by over 60%
  • Analytics collected helped improve customer communications across all departments

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Tried and tested

Used by large institutions and small businesses alike. Audited for security and infrastructure requirements.

Boost click-throughs

Gain insights into who is clicking your links, on which device, as well when and where. Make smarter decisions around the content and communications you share.

Social media ready

Shortened URL work for social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Squeeze in your URL with hashtags easily. Works well when it comes to character limits.

API access

Upload a file with the URLs to be shortened OR invoke our APIs. Easy for business users or existing systems to use the URL Shortener.

On-premise or managed

Ability to deploy on-premise on your company infrastructure or use from our cloud hosted infrastructure. Use as per your IT & compliance requirements.

Flexible pricing

Pricing tiers that allow you to pay according to your requirements. Pay as you go pricing for businesses of all sizes, starting as low as ₹ 50k per annum.

See why over 25,000+ businesses trust Swipez.

Try it free. No credit card required.

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