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With India going digital, businesses need to automate their systems by going digital as well. Businesses need a complete solution that takes care of payment collections, accounting and reconciliation or customer retention. They must be able to do this without having to learn some complex software. Swipez is an easy to use platform that automates the business end to end. Swipez provides, bill presentment, accounting integration, payment collections, Customer Retention tools and centralized accounting under one roof. On-boarding existing users and getting started is all a matter of a few minutes.

Swipez is relevant to Internet Service Providers (ISP), telecom network provider, auto-dealer / service centre, educational institutions, hospitality providers or any other business looking to automate business operations, payment collections and CRM under one roof.

The Swipez Partner Program is designed to reward Partners that are looking to provide back office & operations management software solutions to their customers.

Swipez Partners play a key role in delivering our products and services worldwide. We are committed to working with our Partners to help them increase customer satisfaction and build profitable, long-term businesses.

Business Growth

Collaborate with us to scale your revenue with existing / new customers and industry connects.

Technical Enablement

Build expertise on latest online payment technologies with our training and support programs.

Marketing Support

Access marketing best practices to plan and roll out joint marketing campaigns that will help expand your customer reach.

Community Support

Engage, share and learn from our strong and ever growing partner & merchant community.

Swipez Partners play a key role in delivering our products and services worldwide. We are committed to working with our Partners to help them build profitable, long-term businesses.

As an approved Swipez Partner, you earn a percentage on every sale you make from the Swipez product suite. As the Swipez product is licensed annually, we incentivize our partners not just on the first year sale but also on subsequent renewals year on year.

Year Revenue Share
1st Year 40%
2nd Year 20%
3rd Year onwards 10%

See how our partners are generating recurring revenue

Our Partners have the option of selling different Swipez packages and all our packages offer meaningful incentives.

Here is an actual illustration of a Partner, who is growing rapidly by selling Swipez packages.

  • One of our Partners has sold Swipez product units worth ₹ 3,96,000 in the past 5 months has made a whopping ₹ 1,58,000. At the current rate this Partner stands to make over ₹ 4,00,000 within a year of joining the partner program.
  • On renewal by signed-up merchants additional revenues automatically adds to subsequent year’s earnings
  • All this from just one city and just in the past 5 months!
Month Sale value Commission Year 2 revenue Year 3 revenue
Dec-23 ₹ 65,000 ₹ 26,000 ₹ 13,000 ₹ 4,289
Jan-24 ₹ 71,500 ₹ 28,600 ₹ 14,300 ₹ 4,292
Feb-24 ₹ 78,650 ₹ 31,460 ₹ 15,730 ₹ 4,295
Mar-24 ₹ 86,515 ₹ 34,606 ₹ 17,303 ₹ 4,298
Apr-24 ₹ 95,167 ₹ 38,067 ₹ 19,033 ₹ 4,301
Total Revenue Earned ₹ 1,58,733 ₹ 79,366 ₹ 21,475

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