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Every business's everyday functions of billing and invoicing are critical. They not only serve as proof of every transaction's information, but they also aid in the seamless operation of a business. In reality, professional word invoice templates are very useful when it comes to filing taxes.

Are you a small or medium-sized business owner looking for an invoice template in word format?

With Swipez, you can put an end to all of your troubles! It includes many invoice templates in Word format that you may customize to meet your own business needs.

One of the most unique things about Swipez invoice templates is that you can add your own company’s logo and brand colours, so that your invoice reflects your business branding.

This will help you gain a competitive edge amongst your peers and recall value with your clients. Reduce manual invoice template creation effort with Swipez free invoice templates and enable your business to deliver a broader range of payment and billing arrangements.

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Free Invoice Templates for Word

Depending on your business's invoicing needs at the time, you can download a variety of invoice templates and save them in a word format with Swipez.

Invoice templates come in a variety of formats, all of which are simple to update in a word document format. You can then save these templates in suitable formats that are appropriate for your business. Swipez range of word invoice templates are free to use.

After you've downloaded these free invoice templates, you can customize them as per your business needs, include the information that you want and save it in the format you wish to.

Creating invoices is that easy!

Why Should You Use Swipez As Your Invoice Template In Word Format?

For invoice and billing templates, a word document is one of the easiest to edit formats. It is often utilised by small and medium businesses and with Swipez professional invoice templates, the advantages are plentiful.

Check out some of them below:

It’s Professional

Swipez invoice template in word format is simple to use and professional. This is a huge advantage for small and medium-sized firms who are just getting started and want to create a good impression.

Customize As Per Your Needs

Style your professional invoices that make them look visually appealing in addition to putting them in a word format geared for ease of use. Add borders, change the logo and colour scheme to match your company image, and make it a visual treat for your client!

Saves Time

Swipez invoice format in word template is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward to use. One of the unique things is that when you save it in word, you can reuse it anytime you need it without creating it from scratch and preserve other facts for later use, such as client information, order items, and so on. In the future, this will allow for quicker billing.

Commonly Used Invoice Templates Used by Small Businesses

Standard Invoice

This is the most frequent type of invoice used by many firms. It isn't limited to any particular sector or business. It can also include tax information, such as GST, and be utilised to file taxes afterwards.

Credit Invoice

A credit invoice can be used when a firm has to provide a customer a discount or credit any amount back into a customer’ account.

Debit Invoice

You can use a debit invoice in word format when a customer owes you money and isn't paying it right away.

Commercial Invoice

When a company exports goods worldwide, the transactions are recorded on a commercial invoice which contains information regarding the weight and volume of the commodities being sent, as well as their description, insurance, and packing information.

How to Create Your Own Invoice Template Using Word

After downloading the invoice template from Swipez, follow these steps:

You can generate an invoice from scratch in Word, but using one of Word's available templates is the simplest option. After you've decided on a template, simply save it to your computer and fill in the blanks. You don't need a Microsoft Office subscription to utilise Word's online invoice creator, but you will need one to amend invoices online.

It's time to create your invoice after you've found a few basic invoice designs you'd want to attempt. You can download the invoice template to your computer once again and alter it there. Alternatively, you can complete the entire process using Microsoft Word:

  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • Select New from the File menu.
  • Type in invoice in the search, and Word will display all available invoice templates.
  • Select the template you'd like to use and open it
  • Fill in the details
  • Save it in your preferred format

What should be included in a word invoice format?

Every time you create an invoice for clients, you should include these necessary details in your invoice template.

Invoice date and Invoice due date

This gives your customer a deadline for how long they have to pay you. Other details include the date it was sent, due date for payment etc.

Name and Address

Include your name, address, other contact details and details of your business in your invoice template. This makes it easy for your customer to communicate with you if they have a query.


Whether you have agreed on monthly or a bi weekly payment schedule, your invoice template has to include your terms and conditions to avoid any communication issues which can lead to outstanding payments, or missed due dates.

The shorter the payment terms and conditions, the easier it will be for your customer to understand and thus quicker the payment.

What Are You Charging Them For?

Details like the price of each product or service offered, applicable tax and other details justifying the individual amount for each item should be included in your invoice template. This helps the customer to get a clear picture of what they are paying for.

Invoice Number

This is important for you to understand how many invoices have been issued, which payments have been cleared, which are due etc. Include a unique invoice number in your invoice template for each invoice to avoid any confusion.

When Is The Right Time To Send An Invoice To Your Clients?

You've finished working on your client's project or shipped your goods and now twiddling your thumbs waiting for the payment from your client. Perhaps you and the client neglected to negotiate payment terms before the start of the project, and now it’s up to you to present them with a payment invoice.

Sounds familiar?

Every business owner must have a proper, professional method of billing their customers, reminding them of the due amount, the purpose of payments, and the date the services are provided.

Professional invoice template is a must for the growth of your company because they ensure that you are paid on time and for what your product/services are worth.

Per se the timing is never right or wrong, it all depends on the contractual terms mutually signed by both the parties.

Nonetheless, you should always be prepared to send your client an invoice irrespective if they ask for it.

That is why, use Swipez’ free invoice templates, build a strong professional relationship with your clients, save time and get paid quickly

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