Automate payout disbursal


Make payouts to a bank account, UPI, wallet or debit cards

Make payouts to a bank account, UPI, wallet or debit cards

Send payouts to any mode preferred by your beneficiary. Verify the beneficiary bank accounts in real time before making payouts.

Bulk payouts and management for vendors

Bulk payouts and management for vendors

Make bulk payouts to vendors and suppliers. Disburse payments for vendors directly to your vendor’s bank account or UPI ID and Manage vendor data centrally via an easy on-boarding process from a single dashboard.

Split payments

Split payments

Automatically split incoming payments between one or many beneficiaries. Pre-define the split of payouts either in percentage or fixed values. Eliminate manual reconciliations and errors via automated transfers.

Bulk payouts and management for franchises

Bulk payouts and management for franchises

Transfer payouts to your franchises automatically or via a maker/checker mode. Configure revenue split between your organization and your franchise once and let the payouts product do the rest.

Bulk payouts

Bulk payouts

Easy to use Make payouts in bulk. Save time and effort invested in making payouts. Simply upload an excel sheet and the payouts are completed within minutes.

Multiple logins for payout beneficiaries

Multiple logins for payouts

Easy to use Create distinctive roles for your team to give them access to review the status of their payment and transaction reference number. Eliminate tedious inquiries from your vendors, franchise, and more about when and whether they have received payment.

Single view of all payouts

Payout reports

Get a consolidated view of all payouts made by you. Extensive reports linking your payouts to incoming invoices, vendors and much more.

Automate payments for operational expenses

Automate expenses

Add multiple beneficiary accounts and schedule timely payments for payroll, rent, insurance, and other operational costs. Get a detailed overview of your disbursed and pending payouts.

Used and trusted by 25,000+ businesses.

Hassle-free bulk payouts

Free payouts up to ₹ 5 Lakhs

Payouts made simpler

Accurate and timely payouts processing. No manual intervention or errors. Fast and easy to reconcile.

Multiple payout options

Make payouts to bank account or UPI handles. Verify beneficiary accounts before starting your payouts process.

Save time and resources

Hassle-free bulk payouts to one or many recipients. Simple and secure process. Bulk payouts using simple excel uploads or APIs.

Manage vendors and beneficiaries

Organize you vendors and beneficiaries. Save all their bank account information in one dashboard.

Over 25,000+ businesses use Swipez for their payouts


You are in good company. Here’s what happy businesses using Swipez payouts have to say

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"Payouts has saved over 100 man hours for our team every month. A simple excel upload takes care of payments to our vendor partners and suppliers. Reconciliation of payments is present in the same dashboard."

Siddhartha S

Co-founder, Litcabs

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"Making timely salary payments was a time consuming activity for us. Now using payouts we make our salary payments within minutes. The extensive reporting provide us a clear view of all payouts."

Jayesh Shah

Founder, Shah Infinite Solutions

Fast track your business with a one-stop payouts solution


Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

Certainly. You can activate payouts for your vendors, franchise, and more from your current Swipez account. Stay on top of all your business expenses & payouts from a centralized dashboard.
You can initiate payouts via transfers to bank accounts, UPI IDs, or eWallets for your vendors, franchise, employees, and more as per your requirements. Our seamless integrations ensure that your beneficiaries will receive payments directly into their bank accounts, UPI IDs, and eWallets.
A transaction fee is applicable on payouts as per the mode of payment and the payment gateway used. To know more about the different transaction charges, drop us a line or chat with us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.
Yes, irrespective of the number of payouts you need to make. You can make your payouts in bulk using excel upload or APIs.
Yes, you can organize your vendor data and make payouts to your vendors via Swipez billing software.
Yes, you can organize your franchise data and make payouts to your vendors via Swipez billing software.
Bulk payouts can be made simply using excel uploads or APIs. Excel can be exported from any existing systems you use like Tally or manually created as well. The APIs help to integrate with any existing systems you might be already using.
Yes, you can flawlessly use the payouts software on multiple devices and platforms such as mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops etc.
No, you don’t need to download any third party software to start using the Swipez payouts software. Our seamless integrations ensure that you can start using the Swipez payouts software effortlessly.
Yes, the Swipez payouts software can be used by you and your team members together. Multiple team members can access the platform at one time. You can also assign roles and give access as per your organization structure.
Yes, you can provide a login to your vendors to check the payments they have received from your end. Your vendors can also raise invoices from this account to you. This can streamline all incoming invoices to your account making it easy for you to reconcile and settle payments to your vendors.
Yes, you can create multiple roles and decide if you would like to give full control or restrict access to certain features and data sets for your employees.
Yes, you can track payouts made via Cash, Cheque and NEFT in one console, giving you a consolidated view of all payouts made by your company.
Yes, you can enable the split payments plugin for your invoices to make direct payments to your vendors. The funds will be automatically transfered to your vendors.
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