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For any brand that provides franchising opportunities, generating and collecting bills forms an integral part of daily operations. One of the key challenges in running franchise-based businesses is creating uniformity in daily billing processes. Unfortunately, just training and explaining your business operations processes is not good enough. As a brand owner, you need provide the right tools to your operations team and also your franchise. Tools which can ensure on-time payment collections, accurate revenue splits, error-free invoicing, payment reconciliations, reliable customer data and precise taxation reports.

With our billing solution, you can manage all your franchisees centrally with ease. Streamline your billing and collections irrespective of the size of your customer base. Send invoices over email and SMS, either on behalf of your brand or your franchisee to kick start your payment collections online. Get paid faster for your services, avoid delays caused by door to door collections and loss of revenue due to cash collection and cheque bounces. Using the subscription manager, setup recurring billing for your regular customers, cutting time and effort for future billing. Split revenue collected between your brand and franchise as per a pre-decided split. Automate settlements to franchise bank account directly, view and execute revenue settlements with ease. Reconcile all your incoming payments online and offline and maintain a single ledger of collections at all times. Provide logins to the franchisee to see their own data and bill their customers via their dashboard. Use our extensive reports to get insights into your franchisee billing all times. Get perfect customer data after a round of billing with our automated customer database clean-up tools. Prepare the foundation for the next level of client experience.

Key advantages companies using our billing solution have seen :

  • Saved over 100+ man hours every month due to automated split payments
  • Custom invoices sent for every franchisee against their GST number
  • Automated thousands of bi-party settlements every month across multiple franchisees
  • Late payments reduced by 18%
  • Cash collection reduced by 45%


Manage multiple franchisees

Manage all your franchisees from one dashboard. Oversee all of your franchisees data sets like billing, revenue collected, customer information and taxation.

Split collected revenue

Configure revenue split between your brand and your franchise. Automate revenue settlements directly to your franchisee bank account.

Centralized or franchise run billing

Allow your franchise to manage billing for their customer set OR run it centrally via your central dashboard and provide read-only access to your franchisees.

On time billing

Fast and error-free invoicing with online payment collections. GST compliant invoices with customized invoice templates as per your company needs.

Automated reminders

Payment reminders sent to customers automatically on Email and SMS with payment links. Customizable reminder schedule.

Bulk invoicing

Raise invoices in bulk to a large customer base via excel upload or APIs. Easy upload formats provided out of the box.

Recurring billing

Set up subscription billing and your customers will receive your bills automatically at a set frequency every month.  

Auto debit payments

Set up recurring deductions via wallets. Eliminate OTP input for subscription payment collections resulting in faster collections.

Collect payments online

Provide multiple payment modes to your customers like UPI, Wallets, Credit, Debit Card, Net Banking. Send and present online receipts to customers upon payments.

Customer retention

Send custom coupons to customers. Notify customers of new services via SMS. Provide your customers coupons & offers from the largest online brands.

GST filing for billing data

File your monthly GST directly from your console. Automated reconciliation and preparation of GST R1 & 3B from your collections data.

Customer database

Built-in customer database to manage all your customer data accurately. Ability to group customers and notify them of your services.

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