Invoice Templates for Excel

When you manage your business, you have a lot on your plate to make sure your customers are happy. You're preoccupied with customer service, marketing, and finances.

Invoicing is an important aspect of running a successful company. That's why Swipez is making it even easier to send professional invoices for any purpose with our free collection of editable invoice templates.

Swipez free invoice template for excel will help you manage that mountain of bills you have yet to send out, as well as leave a lasting impression on your precious clients, no matter what industry you're in.

This will set you apart from your competition and recall value with your clients. Reduce manual invoice template creation effort with Swipez and enable your business to deliver a broader range of payment and billing arrangements.

Look no further for a free invoice template in excel that will remind your client of the amazing work you've done together. They are gorgeous, customizable, and available in other formats as well, allowing you to simply download, personalize, and send your invoice.

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Why should small businesses use Swipez Microsoft Excel invoice?

Why should you utilise these free invoice templates instead of creating your own format? They're an excellent way to get paid while also improving your client's experience with your services and leaving a positive impression. They make it simple and economical for you to create invoices professionally and quicker for your clients.

With Swipez, you can...


Add your company's name, address, and contact information to the excel invoice template to make it uniquely yours.

Maintain Consistency

Swipez invoice templates ensure that your invoices are consistent and reflect your company's image.

Create A Remarkable First Impression

A professional invoice template will help you make a good first impression on your customers.

Standardize Your Invoice Format

Using Swipez excel invoice templates, you'll never forget to include crucial company information on your invoices.

Offer A Variety Of Invoice Formats

Invoice templates are available in a variety of other formats (DOC, PDF and so on), and you can easily select the one that best suits your needs.

Stay On Track

When you need to get paid, keep track of your funds with a professional paper trail by using Swipez excel invoice templates.

Retrieve Client Details

Easily access customer account information and status via invoices you've generated.

Use It For Free!

Swipez excel invoice templates are completely free.

Commonly Used Invoice Templates Used by Small Businesses

Don't have time to make your own Excel invoice template? We've got your back! We've put up a collection of professional invoice templates for you to choose from and download. Each template has pre-filled formulas to assist you in calculating pricing, totals, and subtotals, among other things. All you have to do now is fill in your specific business information, such as service or product descriptions and prices.

Some of the most commonly used excel invoice templates are:

Standard Invoice

This is the most frequent type of invoice used by many firms. It isn't limited to any particular sector or business. It can also include tax information, such as GST, and be utilised to file taxes afterwards.

Debit Invoice

You can use a debit invoice in excel format when a customer owes you money and isn't paying it right away.

Commercial Invoice

When a company exports goods worldwide, the transactions are recorded on a commercial invoice which contains information regarding the weight and volume of the commodities being sent, as well as their description, insurance, and packing information.

Credit Invoice

A credit invoice can be used when a firm has to provide a customer a discount or credit any amount back into a customer’ account.

How To Create Your Own Invoice Template Using Excel

Customers can be invoiced using Excel templates that can be customized. There are 2 ways to go about this…

Create an excel invoice manually where you follow these steps:

Open Microsoft Excel

Launch Microsoft Excel.

Search for an Invoice Template

Use the search bar that’s located at the top of the window and enter “invoice” to find invoice templates. Make sure you’re connected to the internet to perform the search.

Choose Your Template

Scroll through the different invoice template options to find one that works for your business. Choose a template that fits your needs and has a design that fits with your company branding.

Open the Invoice Template

Click on the template to preview it and then hit the “Create” button.

Customize the Invoice

Edit the invoice to and fill in the required details. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Your logo, if you have one
  • Your business contact information, including your name, address, phone number and email
  • Your client’s contact details
  • Invoice date
  • A unique invoice number
  • The payment due date
  • An itemized list of your services with brief descriptions, the hours worked or quantity and the rate
  • A subtotal for each service
  • The payment terms, including payment methods and late fee details
  • The total amount due for the invoice, including applicable taxes

Save the Invoice

Save the completed spread sheet to your computer as an “.xlxs” format document so you can edit it later if needed.

Send the Invoice

Send the completed invoice to your client, either by email or by mail. Include a short cover note that highlights the important details, like the invoice due date and the total amount owing.

Or, download the plethora of invoice templates for Excel from Swipez, fill in the details and send it to your client. These templates are created keeping in mind the professional requirements of various industries.

What Should Be Included On An Excel Invoice For Professionals In Any Field?

Every time you create an invoice for clients, you should include these necessary details in your invoice template.

Name and Address

Include your name, address, other contact details and details of your business in your invoice template. This makes it easy for your customer to communicate with you if they have a query.

Invoice date and Invoice Due Date

This gives your customer a deadline for how long they have to pay you. Other details include the date it was sent, due date for payment etc.

Detailed Itinerary List

Details like the price of each product or service offered, applicable tax and other details justifying the individual amount for each item should be included in your invoice template. This helps the customer to get a clear picture of what they are paying for.

Terms and Conditions

Whether you have agreed on monthly or a bi weekly payment schedule, your invoice template has to include your terms and conditions to avoid any communication issues which can lead to outstanding payments, or missed due dates.

The shorter the payment terms and conditions, the easier it will be for your customer to understand and thus quicker the payment.

Invoice Number

This is important for you to understand how many invoices have been issued, which payments have been cleared, which are due etc. Include a unique invoice number in your invoice template for each invoice to avoid any confusion.

When Is The Right Time To Send An Invoice To Your Clients?

You've finished working on your client's project or shipped your goods and now twiddling your thumbs waiting for the payment from your client. Perhaps you and the client neglected to negotiate payment terms before the start of the project, and now it’s up to you to present them with a payment invoice.

Sounds familiar?

Every business owner must have a proper, professional method of billing their customers, reminding them of the amount due, the purpose of payments, and the date the services are provided.

Professional invoice template is a must for the growth of your company because they ensure that you are paid on time and for what your product/services are worth.

Per se the timing is never right or wrong, it all depends on the contractual terms mutually signed by both the parties.

Nonetheless, you should always be prepared to send your client an invoice irrespective if they ask for it.

That is why, use Swipez to build a strong professional relationship with your clients, save time and get paid quickly

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