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"Using Swipez we have organized our online fee collections and invoicing. Their form builder helps us collect student information and payments in one go."

Joslin Cherian, Admin manager, Hispanic Horizons

"Swipez helped us extend the feature set of our product with little or no new development at our end. This integration has helped us expand our services to our clients within weeks."

Ajoy Sreedharan, Co-Founder, VZ Track

"Swipez has helped us organize payment collections, market place settlements to tour operators and GST filing under one dashboard without any tech work!"

Amit Thaker, Co-founder The Great Next

"Automated payment reminders has reduced telephonic follow ups and need for door step visits for payment collections. Our on-time payment collections have increased by over 45%."

Jayesh Shah, Founder, Shah solutions

"Swipez helped us organize our online and offline payment collections in one dashboard, allowing us to serve our clients as per their convenience."

Shumu Gupta, Co-Founder, Fish Vish

"Swipez's SaaS platform helped us not only collect payments with ease but also helped us automate our disbursements to our content creators"

Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi, Founder, Glossaread Technologies

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