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For any professionally run educational institute to function efficiently, it needs to collect its fees on time and have the ability to monetize its facilities. Running billing across the complete student database and managing fee collections can be a time consuming and error-prone process. Especially now, when fee collections needs to be provided in multiple modes online while supporting traditional offline modes like cash, cheque & NEFT transfers. Another key challenge for institutes that lease out their venues and facilities is managing the time slots and dates for bookings and collecting payments for these bookings.

Streamline your billing and collections irrespective of the size of your student base. Send invoices over Email and SMS to kick start your payment collections online. Get paid faster, avoid delays and loss of revenue due to cash collection and cheque bounces. Using the subscription manager to setup recurring billing, cut time and effort for future billing. Reconcile all your incoming payments online and offline and maintain a single ledger of collections at all times. Use our extensive reports to get insights into late payments, student/parent data and fee collections at your fingertips. Prepare GST-ready data and file your GST to the GST portal within minutes.

You can now organize and monetize facilities within your campus like sports venues, playgrounds or halls with ease. Using the Swipez time slot booking calendar you can now publish a calendar for each of your facilities. Provide its availability for booking along with the time slots. Put up pricing as per your time slot and requirements. You can even run membership programs for your sports facilities and provide prepaid access to your venues. Post bookings, your patrons receive a QR code which they can scan to gain access to the venue. Allowing you to ensure only authorized parties access your facilities at all times. All this is achieved without any manual intervention from your staff after initial setup the calendar takes care of scheduling, cancellations and revenue collections automatically. With Swipez time slot booking calendar earning revenue from your campus facilities is easy and secure.

Key advantages schools and colleges using our billing solution have seen :

  • Saved over 100+ man hours every month due to automated payment collection of fees
  • Late payments reduced by 28%
  • Monetization of campus facilities increased by 48%
  • Double bookings for facilities and phone calls for booking completely eliminated
  • QR based entry solution helped eliminate unauthorized visitors to campus


On time billing

Fast and error-free invoicing with online payment collections. GST compliant invoices with customized invoice templates as per your company needs.

Automated reminders

Payment reminders sent to customers automatically on Email and SMS with payment links. Customizable reminder schedule.

Bulk invoicing

Raise invoices in bulk to a large customer base via excel upload or APIs. Easy upload formats provided out of the box.

Recurring billing

Set up subscription billing and your customers will receive your bills automatically at a set frequency every month.  

Auto debit payments

Set up recurring deductions via wallets. Eliminate OTP input for subscription payment collections resulting in faster collections.

Collect payments online

Provide multiple payment modes to your customers like UPI, Wallets, Credit, Debit Card, Net Banking. Send and present online receipts to customers upon payments.

Monetize your campus facilities

Earn revenue from your campus facilities by allowing secure time slot bookings. Set up facilities for bookings are per your requirements.

Entry secured by QR code

Customers receive a QR code on their mobile upon bookings. Scan QR code to allow entry into premises. Keep out unwanted visitors to your campus.

Set up membership programs

Set up membership programs for your facilities with flexible tenures. Allow time slot bookings as per membership. Renew and collect membership fees online.

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