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Free billing software that helps manage your customer data, billing, vendors and their expenses & more from a single dashboard. Collect payments online instantly using UPI, Wallets, Credit Card, Debit Card & Net Banking with free billing software

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Simple bulk invoice software
Simple bulk invoice software

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Simple bulk invoice software
Simple bulk invoice software
Simple bulk invoice software
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Simple bulk invoice software

Free billing software

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"Now we send the monthly internet bills to our customers at the click of a button. Customers receive bills on e-mail and SMS with multiple online payment options. Payments collected online and offline are all reconciled with Swipez billing."

Jayesh Shah

Founder, Shah Solutions

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"We are now managing payments across our complete customer base along with timely pay outs for all franchisee's across the country from one dashboard. My team has saved over hundred hours after adopting Swipez Billing."

Vikas Sankhla

Co-founder, Car Nanny

Ideal billing software for small businesses, B2B or B2C companies, freelancers and finance / accounts teams.


Features built from feedback from over 25,000+ happy businesses who are already using Free Online Billing Software

Create invoices or estimates

Send GST tax invoices to your customers with our ready made industry friendly templates. Our wide range of GST-compliant invoice templates makes it easier for you to start creating industry-approved invoices with your unique brand in just a few clicks. Add personalized covering notes, attached files, and more to your invoices. Offer discount coupons, multiple payment options, collect international payments and more. Notify customers via email and SMS. Save time creating & sending estimates and automatically converting them to invoices with a single click!

Invoicing with online payments

Collect payments online directly from your invoices. Customers can view your invoices and make payments using UPI, Debit card, Credit card payments, Net banking or Wallets. Add EMI payment options to your invoices. Integrate into your website or simply send payment links. Start collecting prompt payments in a currency of your choice!

Automated payment reminders

Automated payment reminders against unpaid invoices at configurable frequencies. Customers who haven’t paid the invoice will receive a reminder via E-mail and SMS with online payment links. Reduce your outstanding payments. Get paid on time every time!

Create invoices in bulk

Create invoices and bill using bulk invoicing via excel sheets or APIs. Personalized invoices will be auto-generated and sent to your customer base in bulk via email and SMS. Save valuable time for your team by using bulk invoicing!

Billing software with inventory management

Easy to use inventory management software perfect for small and medium sized businesses. Integrated to reduce stock as you create or update bills and linked with expenses to add new stock to your inventory. Create & manage all your services/items of sale with multiple variables like cost price, sale price, maximum retail price (MRP), expiry date, specifications & more. Add different variations like size, color & more for different products. Track stock inventory of all your products with ease.

Recurring billing

Create recurring invoices or subscriptions

Automate bill presentment to customers who have subscribed to a package or a service. Send out invoices automatically on the assigned date without any manual intervention. Bulk upload subscriptions with details for the different recurring invoices like frequency, due date, end date, and more via a simple excel import. View the different invoices/estimates created and sent from a subscription with real-time status updates. Settle invoices paid offline and get a comprehensive overview of all your payments on a single dashboard. Set up your subscription billing once and your customer receives bills automatically!

International payment collections

International payment collections

Enable payment collections in 50+ currencies from across the globe. Receive international payments directly into your bank account. Create & send invoices/estimates with payment options in multiple currencies to ease your billing.

Expense management software

Manage all your company expenses in a central place. You can create purchase orders, convert them to expenses and make payouts for your expenses. Comprehensive expenses with detailed information that includes MRP, expiry date, applicable GST rates & more for faster approvals and seamless workflow. Simple and easy-to-use expense management software tailor made for your business, available in multiple currencies. Manage & monitor all your expenses from a single dashboard!

Split payments

Split payments and automate payouts

Collect payments online and split payments between multiple parties automatically. Settle funds to vendors or franchises as per a pre-defined split. Ensure prompt payment for your vendors, franchises, and partners. Save time and effort and automate your payouts with ease!

Multiple GST profiles

Manage multiple GST profiles

Setup multiple billing profiles for your company. Configure multiple addresses, separate contact information and state wise GST numbers. Choose the required billing profile while creating invoices for your company. The GST values will be auto-calculated and incorporated into the invoices.

GST filing

File accurate GSTR1 and 3B records directly to the GST portal. Monthly and quarterly results prepared automatically and presented for filing from your GST invoicing. Cut down errors and time taken for your GST filing by using Swipez for GST invoicing.

Billing software with e-Invoicing

Create GST-compliant e-invoices and submit them directly to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). Generate e-invoices with a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN), digital signature, and QR code in just a few clicks. Automatically send PDF invoices with IRN number and QR code to your customers via email.

GST reconciliation software

Fast & simple GST 2A and 3B reconciliation to ensure error-free Input Tax Credit for your business. Identify and reconcile differences between your expense data and the data from your vendors' GST filings. Slice-n-dice GST reconciliation reports, notify vendors, faster GST reconciliation & much more.

Tally integration

Integrated with tally and other accounting softwares

Continue bookkeeping in your existing accounting software like Tally and import / export business data. Automated conversion of Tally accounting software data into online bills and send it out to customers with a payment request link and reminders on both email and SMS.

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Error-free invoices

Accurate GST calculations on every invoice. No manual intervention or errors.  GST compliant and easy to reconcile your monthly taxation

Access anywhere

Cloud-based simple billing software. Access and manage invoices on-the-go. Works securely across operating systems or any device

Grow your business

Manage cash flow with our hassle-free invoicing and sales reports. Streamline your collections and accounting processes. Make way for growth!

Automated billing

Your monthly billing is automated at the push of the button. Everything you need to get paid faster in one user friendly invoicing tool

Billing software for your industry

Over 25,000+ small businesses use Swipez online GST billing software to manage their business on a day to day basis

Create invoices or estimates

Automate billing & invoicing, payment reminders, payment collections and more. Manage customer data, online payment collections through different payment modes with comprehensive real-time reports. Swipez software for billing helps businesses like cable operators in subscriber management, channel package selection, faster payment collections making your team more productive and customers satisfied. An easy to use and efficient system to manage set top box billing software for cable operators.

Billing software for education industry

Swipez’s billing and invoicing software for educational institutes is an advanced cloud-based fee management, online invoicing and venue management platform. It transforms the most resource heavy aspects of managing an educational institute's finances into an effortless operation. Our comprehensive school fees collection and billing software not only fast tracks student fee collection but also provides an enhanced experience to parents and students.

ISP billing software

Be it post-paid or prepaid billing or integration with your existing internet CRM systems through API, the Swipez billing software for ISP’s is a complete billing management system. Our GST ready billing software is a 100% cloud based solution which requires low investment but has rich functionality and is scalable no matter the size of your customer base. Internet Service Providers using Swipez have reduced feet on street operations by invoicing online resulting in faster payment collections from customers. While increasing the number of internet connection they manage.

Billing software for travel and tour operators

Get access to complete finances of your business anywhere and anytime using Swipez’s billing software for travel and tour companies. Our feature rich invoicing and billing software for travel and tour operators provides all the functionalities that you need to manage your retail business billing, invoicing and disbursements. Be it receiving payments from your customers using our travel friendly invoice template, franchisees and agents. Even paying your vendors, staff and other day-to-day payments all from one centralised dashboard.

Billing software for franchise business

Swipez’s billing software for franchise business is a modern and easy to use system that completely manages invoicing, collections and disbursements for all your franchisee’s. Swipez billing software for franchise businesses allows franchisors to control all aspects of billing & invoicing. From the look and feel of the invoice to the automated split of received payments between the franchisor and franchisee. Our software’s accurate reporting on a franchise level allows franchisors to monitor the health of all their franchises. Standardised billing and live real time reporting are key factors in running a successful franchise business and expanding the network.

Billing software for housing societies

Timely collection of maintenance dues and identifying outstanding dues are an important function to keep a housing society functioning smoothly. Keeping housing society finances, cash positive is a time consuming and resource heavy task for housing society administration. Swipez’s free billing software for housing societies automates multiple operations for administrators. From invoicing, automatic payment reminders, online collections and accurate tracking of all payments received from its members be it for maintenance, society events or amenity management.

Billing software for consultancy firms and freelancers

As a freelancer or a consultancy firm a key factor to running a smooth business is collection of payments. Collecting payments is important but time consuming, from creating professional invoices, to follow ups and providing multiple payment modes all of which make sure you get paid on time. Swipez’s billing software for freelancers and consulting firms allows you to create and send invoices in the look and feel of your company. Setup automated reminders to make sure you get paid on time and reduce those time intensive follow up calls for overdue payments. Multiple payment options offered to your customers reduces payment barriers and delays. Swipez’s professional invoice and billing software for small businesses saves you the most precious resource ‘time’.

The perfect billing software for small businesses

Free trial available. No payment required!

Billing and invoicing software with payments collections!

Simple to use billing and invoicing software for faster payment collections. Collect payments from your customers using payment links, online invoices with automated payment reminders
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Invoice format free download

  • Create and send invoice from your browser
  • Download free invoice formats
  • Invoice formats as per your business
  • Great design to impress your clients!
  • Send PDF invoices to your clients
Invoice format free download
Download an invoice as per your business requirement
Download an invoice as per your business requirement

Invoice format free download

  • Create and send invoice from your browser
  • Download free invoice formats
  • Invoice formats as per your business
  • Clean design to impress your clients!
Invoice format free download

Frequently asked questions

Looking for more info? Here are some questions small and medium businesses owners ask

Yes, You can use all our features for free. We only charge the lowest online payment transaction fee for payments that you collect.
With our Free plan you can create unlimited GST invoices and estimates similar to paid plans but there are a few key differentiator such as, you get reduced transaction charges in the paid plans, SMS Notifications, GST filing, API access and the ability to manage franchises.
No, there is no limit on the amount of customers you can add in any of our plans.
At Swipez we really value our customer's privacy. You rely on us for a big part of your business and GST billing, so we really take your needs seriously. That is why the security of our software, systems and business data are our number one priority. All information that is transmitted between your browser and Swipez is protected with 256-bit SSl encryption. This ensures to keep data secure and unreadable during transit. All the business data you have entered into Swipez sits securely behind web firewalls. This system is used by some of the biggest companies in the world and is widely acknowledged as safe and secure.
We have a team of experts who are available for assistance through email, chat and our call centre.
Yes, you can flawlessly use it on multiple devices and platforms such as mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops etc.
No, you don’t need to download or install anything on your operating system to start using the Swipez GST billing software. All you need is any regular web browser.
Yes, the Swipez billing software has no such restrictions, multiple people can access the platform at one time.
Yes, you can add multiple levels of discounts and offer various coupon codes for your customers to avail the same in the Swipez billing system.
Yes, with our GST ready bill formats you can create GST compliant invoices in just a few clicks.
Our GST billing software integration is via IRIS an approved GST Suvidha Provider. You can connect to your GST portal using our secured OTP process and upload your GST bills and file GST 3B and R1 directly from the Swipez billing software.
Yes, you can create multiple roles and decide if you would like to give full control or restrict access to certain features for your employees using Swipez free billing software.
Yes, Swipez allows you to track invoice payments that are made offline via cash or cheque. Including your bank transactions. This way you keep on top of all the invoices you have sent to your customers.
Yes, Swipez offers customizable invoice templates suitable for multiple businesses. You can customize the invoice as per your brands look and feel and add your company logo to your invoice.
Once you create an invoice your customer is intimated of the invoice via email and SMS. Moreover, your customer also receives reminders to make payments on time. Your invoices can start getting paid online by your customers. This results in higher customer satisfaction for your service as you making their life easier to make these payments.
Yes, you can create e-invoices with Swipez. You can upload your e-invoices directly to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). The invoices will be validated with a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN), digital signature, and QR code.
All foreign currencies will be automatically converted to INR in accordance with latest conversion rates. Payment collections from around the world will be settled in INR directly to your bank account.
Yes, we allow you to add any existing payment gateway that you are already using in our paid plans.
Yes, for larger businesses or enterprises we do carry out bespoke customisations.
Yes, the Swipez online invoice software has an easy to use excel upload which allow you to send out multiple invoices to your customer base.
Yes, the Swipez billing product comes with a facility to make payouts using NEFT/IMPS and you can also make payouts to UPI ID. This make it easy to not only collect payments online but also make payouts in bulk or using APIs
Yes, you can collect part payments against your invoices via online or offline modes of payments. And let your customer pay your invoice via multiple transactions.
Yes, you can recurring bills by simply selecting the date and frequency of recurrence. This will send customized invoices to your customers at a frequency defined by you. Use this as a simple subscription management software. You just need to setup it up once and let Swipez simple billing software do the rest. Invoices raised via Swipez help you get paid online faster.
Certainly. A simple excel upload is all it takes. You can specify details for each subscription like the mode of the subscription, frequency, due date, end date & more as per your requirements. Upload the filled excel sheet and recurring invoices will be automatically created and sent to the different customers for the subscriptions as per your specifications.
  • First thing check if the free trial allows you to use it for free for an unlimited amount of time. You do not want to start using a product and then loose all the data you put in. Swipez GST billing and invoicing software allows you to keep your data for an unlimited amount of time. For example, Zoho invoice limits the functionality they provide in their free version.
  • Pick a invoice software with ability to create different types of invoices or bills. A product which is designed for handling your current bill format. Invoice software you choose needs to create invoices or bills which are easy for your customer to understand.
  • It should be easy to create and send GST tax invoice to your customer using the billing solution you opt for. Time is of the essence as a small business owner creating and sending invoices should be as simple as it can get.
  • Best invoicing software typically let you choose a invoice template and provides multiple choices of invoice templates which you can customize to suit your business. Customized invoices help you to make sure that your brand and companies business requirements are completely covered.
There are multiple billing solutions in the market for small business owners, choose the one that provides you all the features you need and is easy to use.
Here are some of the top features of Swipez billing software.
  • Error-free invoices
    • Accurate GST calculations.
    • No manual intervention or errors.
    • GST Compliant and easy to reconcile
    • Generate multiple bills within minutes
  • Access anywhere
    • Cloud-based online invoicing software.
    • Generate invoices and access them on-the-go.
    • Works securely across operating systems or devices
    • Integrate anywhere using our APIs including any desktop software, apps or other applications
  • Grow your business
    • Hassle-free and user friendly invoicing.
    • Simple and secure software.
    • Visually attractive, in line with your brand
    • Get cash flow statements of your business with a click of a button
  • At the push of a button
    • Comprehensive and automated features.
    • Simple and friendly dashboard.
    • All invoicing needs under one roof
    • Integrated into your financial accounting software
    • Send payment link to your customer for quick payments
In your invoice format simply switch on the digital signature plugin. From the digital signature plugin you can upload your digital signature or create one by typing you name in the text provided and selecting the format you need. There is also a facility to attach your invoices with USB stick digital signature facility as well
You can attach documents or PDFs to your invoices as supporting. This is possible using the attachment plugins within invoice formats. Edit your invoice format and attach the document you want to be attached along with your invoice.
Yes, your customers can pay using EMIs (Easy Monthly Installments) via various online payment options like Debit cards, Credit cards, and Netbanking. The pre-determined EMI amount will be debited from your customer's account monthly until paid in full. 
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